Tourist Attractions in Whitman County - Washington

Travelers should explore Whitman County, Washington, for its natural beauty and fascinating history. This small rural county is home to 44,776 residents. The county seat is Colfax, while Pullman is the largest city. Despite the relatively small population, the area boasts many exciting tourist attractions. If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway, this area of Washington is worth a visit. Below are a few of the top reasons to visit Whitman County.

The historical railroad depot is one of the most popular Whitman County tourist attractions. Open daily from noon until 4:00 PM, you can learn more about the region’s past. The Victorian Perkins House was restored in 1973 by the Whitman County Historical Society and now serves as a historic period home. The original log cabin, built in 1870, is located nearby and is the oldest building in the county. It has been home to many notable individuals, including President George Washington.

The historical railroad depot is another popular destination. Visitors to Whitman County can visit the depot’s museum and learn about the history of the railroad in the area. The train station also houses the town’s railroad museum, which is open on weekends from noon to 4 p.m. The Victorian Perkins House is an old Victorian home that was purchased by the Whitman County Historical Society in 1973. It is located in Colfax, which is a small town near Whitman County. The Victorian Perkins House was restored to its original log cabin and is the oldest building in the county.

The Palouse Scenic Byway is an excellent place to spend the day, as it spans 14 communities. It is open every day, but it is especially popular on Saturdays. In Colfax, you can tour the Victorian Perkins House, which was built in the 1870s. It is the oldest standing building in Whitman County. It was opened in 1972 and is the first Victorian-style house in the county.

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The county’s natural landscape is a diverse one. The area was historically heavily agricultural. The region’s landscape has several distinct regions, including the pristine Kamiak Butte National Natural Landmark, and numerous lakes and rivers. While the town of Colfax is home to a National Natural Landmark, it is also home to many endangered species. Its historic cities are filled with interesting stories and are worth visiting.

Travelers can also enjoy Whitman County’s historic sites. Its historic district has been the focus of many activities and events throughout the decades. The area is home to eleven parks, which provide visitors with plenty of recreation. Its unique landscape is perfect for exploring. It is not only home to a variety of animals and plants. The city’s rich culture and diverse heritage are another great reason to visit the area.

The local area is also home to national natural landmarks. The northern part of Whitman County is home to Kamiak Butte, which is a National Natural Landmark. The region is located between the towns of Palouse and Pullman. The city is popular with outdoor enthusiasts, as it offers a range of amenities, including hiking trails and picnic areas. With five miles of trails and a high elevation, Kamiak Butte is home to 150 species of wildlife.

There are a variety of recreational opportunities available in Whitman County. The area is rich in natural resources, which make it an ideal location for outdoor recreation. Camping, fishing, and rafting are among the top reasons to visit the county. The county is home to 11 state parks, which are all well worth a visit. The scenic byways and trails are great for hiking and biking. The museums of the town are also a must-see for any traveler.

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The region was traditionally an agricultural area, but it is a popular weekend destination. Whether you enjoy nature, hiking, or horseback riding, you’ll find a wide range of recreational opportunities in Whitman County. In addition to the scenic beauty, the county’s natural history is also a popular tourist destination. This area has an abundance of historical sites and historical buildings to see. You can spend the day hiking in the mountains, or even spend a whole day at the park.

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