Tourist Attractions in Union County - New Mexico

Tourist attractions in Union County – New Mexico include Clayton, the state’s most northern city, and the nearby San Juan Mountains. The area has a total population of 4,549 as of 2010, making it the fourth least populated county in the state. The county seat is Clayton. The county was established in 1894. This is the northeasternmost county in New Mexico. In 2010, the county was home to an estimated 4,600 people.

Clayton is the largest city in Union County. With miles of scenic trails and a campground, Clayton is a popular destination for golfers and other outdoor enthusiasts. The historic Santa Fe Trail is nearby, as well as the gravesite of outlaw Black Jack Ketchum. If you’re interested in history, the Herzstein Museum features a replica of a 1930s doctor’s office and Native American artifacts. Other attractions in the area include the Luna Theatre and the Mandala Center.

If you’re looking for outdoor fun, Union County offers a variety of options. The town of Clayton is home to the Clayton Lake State Park, which is a great place to go for a day of camping and swimming. The nearby Santa Fe Trail provides opportunities for cycling, hiking, and wildlife viewing. A popular attraction in Union County is Capulin Volcano, which offers a magnificent view of four contiguous states.

Clayton, New Mexico is a charming town with lots to offer. There’s a golf course, parks, and museums to enjoy, as well as the Union County Fairgrounds. In addition to Clayton, tourists can also explore the Historic Santa Fe Trail and Outlaw Black Jack Ketchum’s gravesite. Folsom is the site of a 12,000-BC excavation of the Fossil Man. At nearby Capulin Volcano, tourists can hike or bike through the landscape.

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For the outdoorsy type, Union County offers scenic spots. Clayton Lake State Park has miles of trails, including hiking and biking. A trip to the Clayton lake is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors in the area. Many visitors will also enjoy the arid climate, which is ideal for a vacation in Union County. If you want to spend a day exploring the area, a visit to the Herzstein Museum in Clayton is a wonderful way to spend the day.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Union County offers several scenic spots. The Clayton Lake State Park is a popular destination for those who enjoy swimming. The Clayton River is the largest lake in the area. There are several hiking trails in the area and a local park where families can relax. There are many great places to stay in Clayton, and there are plenty of restaurants and lodging in the area. There are many tourist attractions in Union County, so you’re sure to find one that is perfect for you and your family.

In addition to nature, Union County is home to scenic spots. Clayton Lake State Park offers beautiful campgrounds and miles of hiking trails. Its natural beauty makes Clayton the perfect place for picnicking and swimming. For outdoor adventures, the Santa Fe Trail is the perfect place to explore. You’ll find hiking trails and wildlife viewing opportunities along the Santa Fe Trail and other trails. There are also numerous scenic parks and monuments in the area.

The city of Clayton is a popular destination in Union County, a crossroads town located on the Santa Fe Trail. A visit to Clayton, NM, will allow you to explore the surrounding areas and enjoy the natural beauty. The towns are also home to a number of other unique attractions. The Herzstein Museum, for instance, features over 500 dinosaur footprints, which were discovered in a park in Clayton. The discovery of these footprints in the park is not only an attraction for tourists, but also a draw for scientists.

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If you’re looking for a place to unwind and enjoy the outdoors, then you’ll find plenty of scenic spots in Union County. Clayton Lake State Park features many miles of walking trails and campgrounds. The Santa Fe Trail is a popular hiking and biking route in the region. The park is also a good place to experience a wildlife show. Tourism in the county is growing in popularity, as it offers a wide variety of activities.

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