Tourist Attractions in Franklin County - Washington

Pasco, the county seat and largest city, is a must-see in Franklin County, Washington. This area is home to a wide variety of interesting tourist attractions. This is one of the oldest counties in the nation, with a long history of community-building. The population of Pasco is approximately 78,163, making it an ideal destination for families and groups of all ages. The town was formed from Whitman County on November 28, 1883, and was named for Benjamin Franklin.

There are many beautiful places in Franklin County, including the historic covered bridges in Montgomery. Visitors to the area should plan an outing to a museum in the area to see the region’s agricultural heritage. The surrounding countryside is rich in agriculture and wildlife, and the museums are fun for the whole family. The surrounding area is also known for its fine dining, which is a must-do when visiting the area.

Visitors to the area will be enchanted by the area’s natural beauty. The scenic mountains and valleys provide stunning views. The county’s agricultural heritage is evident in the many historic farms and orchards that can be found here. The surrounding towns and villages are home to some of the state’s most popular museums. Whether you are a wine enthusiast or just looking for an easy day trip with the family, there are plenty of things to do in Franklin County.

The area is rich in natural beauty, with some of the most beautiful landscapes in the state. In addition, the county is home to a variety of museums and historical sites. There is a wide range of things to do in Franklin County, and the region is perfect for families who want to enjoy the outdoors. The natural landscapes and wildlife make for a unique experience. Besides, the local foods are excellent for a memorable vacation!

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The scenic mountains of the Washington Highlands are an incredible backdrop to the town of Hazen. The county is also home to many other picturesque villages and towns. The town of Montgomery, located at the base of Jay Peak, features eight historic covered bridges. Among the many tourist attractions in Franklin County are the trails and the food. Almost everything is a must-see if you plan to visit the area.

Among the many tourist attractions in Franklin County are four 18-hole golf courses and a disc golf course in downtown. The scenic trails are perfect for hiking and mountain biking, and there are also ice-skating lakes in the winter. The Long Trail State Forest is a popular place for hiking, and is the longest long-distance trail in the country. There are several other places to go with the family in Franklin County, including a museum.

A trip to Franklin County is a wonderful way to see the scenic mountain range. The town of Hazen’s Notch is particularly beautiful, and has eight historic covered bridges. You’ll also find a museum in Montgomery and other attractions. The town’s quaint downtown is a great place to visit with your family. It is home to many historic churches and a cinema. There is also a history museum and numerous other attractions in the county.

The area is known for its farming, and many of the local foods are delicious. There are also a number of museums in Franklin County. For a family outing, the museum is a great choice. Its historical buildings are a perfect place to view the landscape and learn more about the local farm industry. This is one of the reasons why people from all over the country come to visit this beautiful county.

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Among the many historic buildings and attractions in Franklin County are the towns of Montgomery and Jay Peak. Both of these are located at the base of the beautiful Mount Rainier. There are also many scenic hikes and trails in the area. In addition to the museums, Franklin County is also home to the Sacajawea State Park, which is a great recreational hiking trail. The three cities are also home to the Sacajawea Heritage Trail.

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