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Tourist Attractions in Essex County – Massachusetts

Tourist Attractions in Essex County - Massachusetts

Tourist Attractions in Essex County - Massachusetts

If you are planning to visit the area of Massachusetts, you should visit the county of Essex. This is located in the northeast region of the state and is the third most populous county in the state and eightieth in the country. It is part of the Greater Boston area. The county is made up of several cities, the largest of which is Lynn. Here, you can find many things to see and do in the town.

One of the best places to visit in Essex is the Cogswell’s Grant. The 18th century mansion sits on an impeccably landscaped farm. This mansion was once home to the Littles, a wealthy couple of the early American decorative arts. The Cogswell’s Grant is now a museum that highlights the Littles’ collection. The view from this estate is breathtaking, and there are many activities available.

There are many attractions and activities in Essex County. If you are looking for a family outing, Essex is an excellent choice. The town has a great selection of museums, art galleries, and historical sites. For instance, you can visit the Cogswell’s Boat Shop, which is the oldest continuously operating boat shop in the country. The Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center focuses on the local fishing industry. There are also the Cape Ann Museum and Peabody-Essex Museum, which highlight the local merchant wealth. There are also lighthouses and colonial wharves in Salem, and the town is also an ideal place to enjoy wine tasting.

If you’re looking for something a bit different to do while visiting Essex County, you’ll want to explore the historic town of Salem. While this city is known for its many beaches and beautiful historic buildings, Essex is a great place to spend the day. If you’re planning a family vacation in this region, the historical towns of Cape Ann and Newburyport are worth a visit. The area has plenty of activities for the whole family.

Located on the coast, the county of Essex offers a plethora of opportunities for outdoor recreation. The waterfront offers a number of sites to explore. Among these are the historic towns of Salem, the Cape Ann, and the Cogswell’s Grant. Its lighthouses and colonies are a great place to enjoy the outdoors. The area is known for its beautiful natural beauty and its beautiful seaside locations.

If you are planning a family vacation in Essex County, you’ll want to make sure you plan some time to explore the town. The area has many historic buildings, including the historic town of Salem. These places are also a great place to visit if you are traveling with a child. Some of the other tourist attractions in Essex County include the Crane Estate and the Russel Orchards.

Located in Essex, the Cogswell Grant is a working farm and is an iconic landmark. It was built in 1728 and was restored by Bertram and Nina Fletcher Little in 1937. In 1984, the family donated the house to Historic New England. It was adapted into a visitor center and exhibits the Littles’ American folk art collections. The Littles’ family design scheme can be seen throughout the region.

The Cogswell’s Grant is a famous landmark in Essex. Its expansive, impeccably landscaped farm was home to the Littles. Today, the property is a museum, where visitors can see antiques and other items. The museum has beautiful views and many of these historic structures are accessible. While visiting Essex County is a unique experience, you’ll have plenty to remember for the rest of your life.

The Stavros Reservation is a 50-acre nature reserve in Essex. Located near Crane Wildlife Refuge and Halibut Point, it features an 18th century farmhouse and an expansive, impeccably landscaped farm. A museum here is a great way to learn about the rich and varied history of the county. There are many other attractions to see in this region of Massachusetts. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you’ll want to plan a trip to the nearby Cape Ann Maritime Museum.

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