Tourist Attractions in Douglas County - Washington

Douglas County, Washington, is a small county located in the state of Washington. The population is 38,431 and is home to the beautiful Olympic National Park. The county was formed on November 28, 1883 from Lincoln County, and was named after American statesman Stephen A. Dougas. There are several reasons to visit this area, including its historic landmarks and beautiful landscapes. For more information, please visit

This picturesque area of Washington is close to the Grand Coulee Dam and other dams along the Columbia River. One of the best things to do while visiting Douglas County is take a drive through the town of Waterville. The city was founded in 1885 and is surrounded by cherry orchards and wheat fields. The Cascade Mountain Range is a gorgeous backdrop for any vacation. You can also visit the Waterville Museum and enjoy the local history. There are many outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, and hiking trails.

The town of Waterville is the county seat. It is a charming town surrounded by cherry orchards and wheat fields. The city also features the Waterville Museum. In the winter, you can experience snow kite and snowmobiling. If you don’t have time to explore Waterville, you can visit other nearby cities like East Wenatchee and Vancouver. It’s hard to find a place to spend the whole day in Waterville.

The Lucas Dairy/Shady Springs Ranch is an example of historic farming in the county. Founded in 1885, the farm was an important site during the prehistoric era. It was a natural byway for travelers and has several historical buildings. The town also has a museum with Native American artifacts. The Titanothere bone, a crocodile-like mammal that was about the size of an elephant, was found here.

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The scenic landscape and many historical sites make Douglas County a great place to visit. You can visit the Grand Coulee Dam and other dams along the Columbia River. You can also tour the town of Waterville, which was founded in 1885 and is surrounded by cherry orchards and the Cascade Mountain Range. The town is picturesque and has several historic buildings. There are also several historical museums in Waterville, such as the Waterville Museum. You can spend a day fishing and enjoy hiking in the countryside, or spend the night at the Badger Mountain Ski Area. In the winter, you can even go snowboarding or skiing.

The area offers abundant nature and historic sites. The region includes the famous Pine Mountain Gold Museum. If you’re looking for a more laid-back destination, there are numerous ski resorts in the area. You can also check out a nearby lake for a relaxing afternoon. During the winter, the area is also known for its fishing. The Clinton Nature Preserve is a great spot for families.

The Blackfoot cave is a great destination for families or anyone looking for an adventure. The Board of Douglas County owns the land that hosts the cave and offers tours. While the region is known for its natural beauty, the town of Waterville is a picturesque destination. During the summer months, you can go fishing and enjoy the outdoors. And if you have the time, you can go on a tour of the dams in the area.

For those looking for something more adventurous, the area is home to the world famous Pine Mountain Gold Museum. The area is also home to the Clinton Nature Preserve and the acclaimed Blackfoot Golf Course. The Grand Coulee Dam is a spectacular natural wonder. And you can tour the dams as well. And there’s no shortage of historic and natural sites in this area. The Grand Coulee Dam and the other dams on the Columbia River are not the only attractions in Douglas County, however.

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There are many tourist attractions in the area, including the Grand Coulee Dam, which is the largest in Washington. The Board of Douglas County also owns the Blackfoot Cave property and is a great place to go if you’re looking for a unique experience. These are just a few of the many places to see and enjoy in this area. The board is committed to making the area a great place to live, so it’s worth exploring.

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