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Yes, it’s time for our top 5 bucket list! During each travel you talk to different people and you experience new things. While exploring the world, our bucket list grows. We want to see it all! Before heading there it starts with dreaming about it…here are the destinations on top of our list!

La Tomatina


Photo by MikeJamieson 

Hundreds of kilos of tomatoes flying around, how amazing is this? La Tomatina is a festival held every year on the last Wednesday of August where everyone is throwing squashed tomatoes to each other. We would like to experience this ourselves, because for us squeezing a tomato in somebody’s face sounds like a great idea! After experiencing different festivals like Loi krathong in Thailand and the São João in Porto (Portugal), we are very curious about festivals in all the other countries. It’s a way to experience culture while you find yourself with the locals.

Great tips to prepare yourself for La Tomatina:

1. Don’t put on your fanciest cloths and no flip-flops or high heals.
2. Bring dry cloths for your way back to your hotel, which is for example in Valencia.
3. Bring a waterproof camera. We always love to capture the moment.
4. Put on a diving mask to protect your eyes against the stinging tomatoes. It’s a shame if you can’t see the fun anymore.
5. Book your hotel in advance!

This year (2015) La Tomatina will be held on Wednesday 26th of August. To join this festival you only have to fly to Valencia in Spain and take the bus or train, 40 kilometres west, to Buñol. Because La Tomatina is becoming more popular, they have decided a minimum number of people are allowed to come to this festival and each person has to buy a ticket of € 10. You can purchase tickets through the official website of La Tomatina.

The overall tip: Be prepared, but most important; Have fun!

Solaman Islands

After experiencing some amazing places in Indonesia, like the diversity of things to do in Papua, we are up for a new adventure and we found our next dream destination!

The Solaman Islands in the archipelago of Vanuatu! There is a wide variety of things to do and see on these islands. We want to visit the lava lake on the island of Ambrym. Hugo was standing next to a stream of hot lava on the active volcano Pacaya in Guatemala. Because this is a couple of years ago, it’s time for a new experience in the same category! After the hot lava we probably need some refreshing and relaxing; snorkelling and free diving among the amazing coral and diving at the wreck SS President Coolidge on the island of Espiritu Santo. We love snorkelling, so we can’t wait! There is a great diversity of nature on all these islands, but for ethnic culture we would like to go to the island Pentecost, where we want to witness the ritual bungee jumping (Nanggol). National Geographic made a documentary about this wicked tradition. To give you an insight on how the ritual goes, you can watch the documentary ‘Jump With the Original Bungee Jumpers’ below.

Everyone can agree with us…it’s a spectacular crazy place to visit!



Photo by Vigliant

Komodo is an island of Indonesia with a very famous inhabitant, the Komodo dragon. The Komodo dragon is the biggest lizard on the planet. Komodo is part of the Lesser Sunda chain of islands and forms part of the Komodo National Park. Next to this incredible creature, this island is one of the places to be for diving and snorkelling! We are a big fan of Indonesia and we have seen many places there, but there is still a lot to explore. We have seen a couple of times monitor lizard passing by, the biggest one on Pulau Pangkor in Malaysia (1.3 meter). The combination of a tropical island, the Komodo Dragon and a great marine life is the reason we have to go here!


MadagascarPhoto by Frank Vassen

Like you already noticed, we’re fond of bounty islands. That’s why we would like to add Madagascar to our bucket list too. Madagascar is an islands located in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Southeast Africa. It has 5000 km of amazing beaches and coral reefs stretched along its coastline. The beaches around the coast are in beautiful contrast with the diversity of natural treasures further inland. You can find humid rainforest, dry sandstone cliffs and volcanic mountain chains. Madagascar is famous off the big amount of different animals and plants. It’s sounds like a paradise for us; volcanic mountain chains, one of the favourites of Hugo, amazing animals throughout the island and swimming around the coral reef.


Church of St. George

Photo by Gusjer

We heard some amazing stories about Ethiopia from the parents and brother of Hugo. His parents we’re amazed by the culture (the etnic groups), the beautiful cloths (as far as they were wearing any), colours, body paint, piercing, traditions etc. But his brother had the best story ever! He had a car with driver to visit the country. One day there was a local with a bare ass and a spear in his hand hitchhiking along the road. They actually took the guy with them, but the spear had to be on the roof of the car off course. Another guy wanted to come along wearing a Kalashnikov; he wasn’t aloud to step into the car… Great stories that make us want to go there!

Next to these stories, we would like to visit Ethiopia to see some amazing treasures. One of them is the Church of St. George, a monolithic church in Lalibela, Lalibela is a city in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia. They carved the church out of one rock, which has the shape of a cross. Church of St. George is actually not the only rock-hewn church in Lalibela, but the most popular one. Some other highlights are the castles in Gondar, the monasteries of Lake Tana and the historical city of Axum.

After all these architectural sights it’s time to visit the Simien Mountains and the Rift Valley Lakes. These are great places for a long hike, enjoying the nature and some beautiful views.

What’s your next dream destination?



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