Spring, where to go?


Spring where to go

Yes, spring has started! The season of sunshine, flowers and cold drinks. And the season of planning new travels! What is your next adventure? Saving money for a long holiday or first a short city trip to warm up?

Paris or Rome?

A visit to a city where you can wander around through the streets and watch people go by while you take a sip from your drink, visit museums and for the women shop till you drop (sorry for the generalization). Europe is our favourite part of the world for city trips, because of the monumental architecture, the great squares where people hang around and where artists perform or show their crafts. It doesn’t matter if you go to Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Barcelona or Prague; they’re all beautiful!

More places in Europe

Europe has a lot to offer, from Hansa cities in Northern Europe, the most stunning Roman architecture in Italy, even some Moorish influence in Spain and hidden gems like Novi Sad and it surroundings in Serbia, former Yugoslavia. Screening google images always works great for searching new destinations, but because these are less personal we show you some pics of the nice places in Europe where we went before and like to go back one day.


A beautiful, pitoresk city in Toscane and good to combine with the small touristic city Pisa. Italy is the country of pizza, pasta and great cappuccino which we all like!


If you like it more modern and industrial, it’s the home to any hipster.


With tasty beer and the most vivid city of Belgium.


The city with the best tapas, great terraces, Moorish architecture and with the Spanish sun it’s a even more pleasant experience. More about Granada? Read ‘Granada, Moorish Spain‘.


The city looks gorgeous and it has according to us the best museum of…the world…well that sounds a bit silly, anyway it has the best museum we have ever visited. With only one topic, ‘The Wasa’, this is a must see for everyone.



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Granada, Moorish Spain

Granada, a city in the province Andalusia, a city of tapas, sangria, terraces with water sprinklers (it can be really hot during summer) and a ...