The inlands of Myanmar, TRAVEL MOVIE


Because we enjoy shooting movies while travelling, we made another one about Myanmar, this time the inlands of Myanmar are put into the spotlight. It’s one of our favourite countries so far, the nicest people we met during our travels and the surrounding and temples are beautiful. The trekking of three days from Kalaw to Inle Lake was a great experience with sleeping and eating at local houses. And Bagan can only be described in one word: AMAZING! You can easily get lost and that’s also the fun part of driving around on the e-bike. Finding the hidden temples of Myanmar and be laughed at by a monk when your battery is low and you have to step back to the hotel. It’s a visit you will remember the rest of your life and I hope you will visit soon. When the floods are over, it will be a great place to go to again!

Images do say more than words…so here is our travel movie about our days through the inlands of Myanmar!

P.S. Don’t forget to put the music on..

If you want more

Not only the countryside of Myanmar is a must see, but also the coastlines of this country is something you have to visit. We went to Ngwe Saung and made the best scooter tour ever! See here our article A scooter tour – Ngwe Saung including a travel movie too!








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