Cameron Highlands


The Cameron Highlands is a beautiful plateau of 1500 meters above sea level with cloud forests and tea plantations. The temperature is lower in comparison with the other places in Malaysia. People come here to find peace and go for a hike. Most of the people stay in Tanah Rata, where you can find a lot of accommodations.

Cloud forest and tea plantations

You can take different routes with beautiful views and waterfalls true the jungle, the cloud forest. All routes true the jungle are pointed with clear signs and the durations of the walk and most of the times it’s a shorter walk than indicated. Unless you will stay at a viewpoint for a long time off course. With a lot of the routes you come back in Tanah Rata, you can eat a waffle at a stall and after that go for a second route if you like. You can also take a walk to the tea plantations north or south of Tanah Rata, but this will be a long tour. Unless you organize a tour with driver, but that’s less fun. When you do an organized tour, you will never met the locals during. The real traveler will say: Part of traveling is the travel itself. During the hike you will pass by one of the Strawberry farms in the area, where you can enjoy a milkshake or fresh Strawberries. Are you there during rainy season, like we were, you have to hike in the early morning and ‘try’ to be back before the big rain fall. It’s less comfortable to hike with the rain true the cloud forest. We tell you this from experience!


Tanah Rata itself is a small town with very friendly people, you have a lot of Malaysian food stalls, where you can get a strawberry or banana pancake, English breakfast and a hot tea, and you have a lot of Indian restaurants.  With the food you notice there are a lot of Indian people living in Malaysia to earn money. Wife and kids are most of the time back in India, because they only get a working visa.

How to get there

It’s very easy to get to Tanah Rata by bus from for example Kuala Lumpur. Within the Cameron Highlands there are buses (the only question is when) and cabs. If it all doesn’t work out, bus not showing up, taxi’s full because it starts to rain, the people are very friendly and most of the time they give you a ride. You will end up in the back seat if you’re lucky and otherwise in the back of the puck up truck.

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