A scooter tour – Ngwe Saung, TRAVEL MOVIE



Myanmar…the country of temples…temples…and stupas. An amazing country with very friendly people and the country of one of the best scooter tours we made so far in Southeast Asia! Where to go? Ngwe Saung! Only six hours bus drive from Yangon. We didn’t expect a lot, since you can’t find a lot of information about the west coast in Myanmar. But it was truly amazing; beautiful empty beaches, nice fisherman villages and one of the coolest…you were allowed to drive with the scooter on the beach! Actually on some parts of our ride from Ngwe Saung to Chaung Tha Beach it was the only way to go there! And a bonus on top: you have to cross three rivers to come there. Instead of explaining the whole route, here is a small map of how we went and the best way to show you how it is: a video about our four days in Ngwe Saung!

Enjoy the video of our stay at Ngwe Saung and the scooter tour to Chaung Tha Beach!

Tip: Stay in Ngwe Saung, here you have nice bungalows. Don’t plan to stay in Chang Tha Beach, except when you want to party with the young locals and don’t mind if it’s less paradise.




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