Hi there, thanks for reading our blog! We are Hugo & Elise, a Dutch couple based in Amsterdam and needless to say we are mad about travelling.

We write about all our adventures along our trip giving you some tips, tricks and inspiration. Since we left the Netherlands the first time on a ‘real trip’ we were hooked. We do mention a ‘real trip’ because driving for two hours to Belgium or Germany is fun, but not the same as traveling through Bolivia or Papua what made us travel-junkies. We love to tell you why and how you can travel as well.

News from Nomads is a travel blog about beautiful destinations, adventure, beautiful photography and movies. Travel is fun, it’s fantastic, it's so brilliant that we prefer not to be at home .

—“The grass is, in fact, often greener on the other side”—

The travel enthusiasts

Hugo Wester studied hydrology, goes mad when he can do projects abroad. You can find him in the most remote areas. Every bit of free time he spend climbing and travelling.


Elise Oussoren is a designer and addicted to travel. She gets inspired by wandering around, exploring all different kinds of cultures, habits, colours, shapes and loves to share this with you by breathtaking images.

Elise Oussoren


If you need to get in contact, feel free to send us an email on contact@newsfromNOMADS.com

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